How does online/remote interpreting work, and when should you use it?

Remote interpreting allows translators and interpreters to work from anywhere in the world. It permits communication between different groups of people who do not speak the same language, and can be used for any type of event: a company video conference, an important meeting, a discussion with a multilingual audience, a webinar, an interview, etc. Since the pandemic, requests for this type of service have increased, and many companies now continue to use remote interpreting out of habit.

It is important to know that remote interpreting was practised long before the arrival of COVID-19 and its related health restrictions. Remote interpreting professionals and companies were already benefiting from it.

  • Interpreters are not required to travel, and only minimal technical equipment is required. They can interpret either from home or from their office where equipment is set up specifically for their work.
  • This type of interpreting costs less because transportation, accommodation and equipment rental services are not needed.
  • You can find specialists available immediately in the case of an urgent need. This process is better for emergencies because it avoids travel time for the language professionals as well as the complex logistics organisation of on-site events.

EDMF provides remote interpreting services.

Both our clients and attendees have always been satisfied with the experience.

Remote interpreting is sometimes preferred by both clients and language professionals alike, as they consider it to be more appropriate given the reduced cost compared to face-to-face interpreting, not to mention the convenience and flexibility.

Let us know if you think we can help you remotely with your next event!