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About EDMF

EDMF offers you authentic, reliable and cost-effective translation, proofreading and interpreting services.

Douglas Arnott, az EDMF alapítója Sir Alex Fergusonnal

The beginnings of EDMF

Founder and owner Douglas Arnott graduated with an MA Degree in Translation and Interpreting (German, French) with Honours of the First Class at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

After adding Hungarian to his working languages he translated and interpreted using all three languages in the fields of finance, economics, business and law.  The company has grown dynamically in recent years and is able to offer its translation and interpreting services in a much wider range of areas with the help of highly trained and experienced translators and interpreters.

(Photo: Douglas Arnott, EDMF founder, with Sir Alex Ferguson, as part of a Robert Burns International Foundation charity event)

EDMF and corporate social responsibility

Douglas Arnott is the Chairman of the Robert Burns International Foundation. He actively takes part in the work of the RBIF, which supports sick and underprivileged children in Hungary and Central Europe.


EDMF around the world

We have served our partners for more than 18 years in 20 countries with 150 highly educated and experienced professional translators. Since 1998 our clients have engaged us with more than 15,000 orders.

You can trust us with translations as well as interpreting services in any field, such as finance, legal, technical or even medical.

We handle economic reports, contracts, annual reports, technical specifications, websites, audit and consulting documents, information materials, official letters and certificates but also personal texts with the same diligence and care.

Our interpreting services can be used both nationwide and around the world, at conferences, small group meetings, workshops and factory visits.

EDMF Language Services around the world

We work with you

EDMF Language Services Kft.Business success frequently depends on the right choice of words. But simply translating a text is often not enough. This is why EDMF provides further added value.

• The goals and needs of our partners are most important for our team.
• We adapt to the given business area.
• We have a stringent quality assurance system, which guarantees that we always provide the highest quality service possible.
• We take the target language as well as cultural customs of the target country into account.
• We always look at the entire meaning of the text to be translated and authentically convey its equivalent in the translation.
• Our state-of-the-art software technology can even reduce the duration of the working process to one-third, and often cuts translation costs by more than 50%.
• We treat every task as a project, monitoring the entire process from choosing a competent translator, through quality assurance to ensuring appropriate antivirus protection of documents.
• If required, we can deliver your texts ready for printing (DTP).

EDMF Partner Programme

Our tailored partner programme applies to all our interpreting, translation and proofreading services. If we enter into a long-term relationship with our partners, we provide them with individual and customised discounts based on extremely beneficial framework agreements.

As a committed partner of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, members of the BCCH receive discounts on their translations.


EDMF Pirice guarantee

Our general terms and conditions explain that our translations faithfully reflect the content of the original and the thoughts and meanings you wished to convey.

If this is not the case, we shall reimburse you 100% of the fee you paid for your order.

EDMF Language Services, State-of-the-art Technology

Our integrated customer management system means we can reduce the duration of the workflow from translation to delivery to even one-third. Our system records separate term bases for different sectors, with words and expressions approved in advance and on an ongoing basis with you.

It then finds matches during subsequent translations, shortening the process and the size of the source text for translation, thereby giving you significant cost-savings.

EDMF Language Services, All-round srevice

We treat every task as a project, monitoring the entire process from choosing a competent translator, through quality assurance to ensuring appropriate antivirus protection of documents.

If required, we can deliver your texts ready for printing (DTP), thereby avoiding any potential mistakes due to graphic design work.

The owner of our translation agency is an expert in this field by profession, and is therefore able to discuss industry issues both with clients and professional translators on an informed basis.

EDMF Language Services, data protection

The translation accuracy of professional texts is guaranteed by our strict, multi-tiered quality management system. Mother-tongue proficiency, specialist knowledge and native-speaker proofreading combine to make our translations even more reliable.

Our international network means we can solve translations virtually anywhere in the world, even multi-language translations and interpreting between different countries, urgently if necessary.

With us, protecting your information and confidentiality begin right at the start, when requesting a quote. There are no hidden costs, and we are happy to provide a short test translation if required.

EDMF Language Services, International Translation Services

Our interpreting services can be used internationally too.
We can arrange interpreting in foreign countries for international conferences and trade exhibitions.

We can provide professionals for small and large group meetings, training courses, workshops and factory visits.

We can also help with simultaneous interpreting during the training of your staff with new machinery for example.

Key fields of translation and proofreading

Translation of financial texts requiring a high level of expertise: 100%
Translation of legal texts, in any field: 100%
Translation of economic texts requiring thorough professional knowledge: 100%
Translation of technical texts: 100%
Translation of medical texts: 100%
Translation of marketing texts: 100%
Translation of websites: 100%
Translation of books: 100%

Key fields of interpreting

Interpreting at multilingual conferences: 100%
Interpreting at press conferences: 100%
Interpreting in any medical or health-care field: 100%
Interpreting during factory visits: 100%
Interpreting for court hearings: 100%
Interpreting for job, immigration meetings: 100%
Interpreting for online and video conferences, webinars: 100%
Interpreting for online meetings, business negotiations: 100%

Since 1998 our clients have engaged us with more than 15,000 orders.

  • "After 20 years of friendship and professional partnership I can happily recommend this great team to anyone. Speed, accuracy and perfect native-speaker translations! Thank you!”
    Dr. Emese Fecser, OphthalmologistDr. Emese Fecser, OphthalmologistAranDent Ltd.
  • "Based on our experiences and multiple orders of translation jobs from EDMF, Ferrobeton Zrt. was happy to enter into a contract for translation services. Through this agreement we have the benefit of ordering translations based on prices tailored individually for us. With these services we receive high-quality translations and proofreading jobs with a quick turnaround. Communication and administration with EDMF is always smooth."
    Perta Zsömböri Perta Zsömböri Ferrobeton
  • "The core activity of our company is software development, particularly for the energy sector. Our cooperation with EDMF went really smoothly right from the beginning. The team is professional and has a customer-oriented approach. Communication is regular and clear, they take on jobs with tight deadlines and deliver quality translations. We have always received perfect translations from them and with the fastest delivery we have ever experienced, without impacting on quality! They have “saved” many of our tender submissions, which we are thankful for! We look forward to contacting you with our translation jobs in the future!"
    Andrea Makrai, Chief AssistantAndrea Makrai, Chief AssistantIP Systems
  • "We know that many of our engagements require considerable effort, versatility and a need to be flexible with deadlines. Despite this, over the last nine years we have never received a negative response from EDMF, and our requests have always been handled in the most accommodating manner, even in extreme cases. I like how EDMF lays great emphasis on professional consultations, and that they always devote time to this phase of the translation process, even when deadlines are tight. Our continuous and intensive cooperation over the last 9 years has been exemplary, and this is based on EDMF’s outstanding quality of service that puts KPMG’s needs and requirements first.”
    Anita Subicz, head of translation departmentAnita Subicz, head of translation departmentKPMG
  • "We use EDMF for our translations. Given that our company – Toray Membrane Europe AG – works in a very specific sector, the materials we have for translation require a very high level of technological expertise. On many occasions we have been amazed at how the technical standard of EDMF’s translations has been second-to-none, only requiring consultations for the most complex of technical issues. As our company is active throughout Europe, having our documents translated into several languages is a major challenge. EDMF satisfies our needs to a high standard in all respects.”
    Uzor Király, Area Sales Manager Uzor Király, Area Sales Manager Toray Membrane Europe AG
  • "We have been working with EDMF for many years and they have always completed our orders quickly and with maximum attention to quality. We have great confidence in recommending EDMF’s services to anyone!"
    Andrea SoósAndrea SoósIntercontinental
  • "Excellent translations and fast! I couldn’t do them better myself. :-)"
    Tamás Singlár, Managing DirectorTamás Singlár, Managing DirectorPernod Ricard Hungary
  • "EDMF are very flexible, thorough and accurate in providing proper translations with contextual accuracy, rather than literal translations which need extra work from our own people to complete. Next to that, they are very nice people which is a must for me!"
    Paul SzemanPaul SzemanMaltacourt
  • "We are committed to quality and so native-speaker translations are extremely important to us. A professional approach is vital for a successful partnership. The ability to grow and develop is the greatest value any company can have. You can find all this and more at EDMF!”
    László Hernyák, OwnerLászló Hernyák, OwnerHernyák Winery
  • "We have used the services of EDMF for Hungarian-to-English translations and the proofreading of texts by native linguists. We are wholly satisfied with their services, and highly recommend them to anyone. The quality of the translations is excellent and they always keep to the agreed deadlines."
    Gábor Lakner, commercial directorHidrofilt Ltd.

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