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Urgent translations in urgent situations – EDMF Guarantee puts your mind at easeUrgent translations in urgent situations – EDMF Guarantee puts your mind at ease

Thanks to state-of-the-art software systems, our clients with their own databases can significantly lower the cost of their translations.

We always look at the entire meaning of the text to be translated, and authentically convey its equivalent in the translation. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the quality of the translation.

Translations saving time and cost

Recognising clients’ diverse operations and tight schedules, EDMF provides its partners with a safe, quick, complex and intelligent system, in a class by itself.

Translations into more than 50 languages

We translate into more than 50 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and Russian.

We work with all the Scandinavian as well as Eastern and Western European languages.

Ask for a tailored quote for our translation services, with no obligation whatsoever. Our legal, financial, technical and health-care translators are
up-to-date with their professional expertise.


EDMF Translation Services

The translation accuracy of professional texts is guaranteed by our strict, multi-tiered quality management system. Mother-tongue proficiency, specialist knowledge and native-speaker proofreading combine to make our translations even more reliable.

Our international network means we can solve translations virtually anywhere in the world, even multi-language translations and interpreting between different countries, urgently if necessary.

With us, protecting your information and confidentiality begin right at the start, when requesting a quote. There are no hidden costs, and we are happy to provide a short test translation if required.

With the assistance of our qualified translators, official translations of company documents come with a clause and official stamp in line with the requirements on certified translations.

Almost all foreign authorities accept documents issued by our translation agency, which come with a clause and stamp as a fully valid official translation.

Official or certified translation?

In the case of such translations, it’s worthwhile inquiring at the given authority or institution as to whether they accept a translation verified with a clause and stamp by our translation agency.

Translations are certified by means of a public notary clause attached to the translation, which is made either in Hungarian, in two languages, or only in the given foreign language.  Clients may do the translation themselves, or have the documents translated, however, the text has to be certified by a notary public who holds a so-called language licence for the given language.

An official translation is a type of translation which comes with the translation agency’s clause and stamp, certifying the accuracy and correctness of the translation.

We can certify translations of certificates of incorporation (or certified copies thereof) prepared by a qualified translator.

Aside from certificates of incorporation, we can translate and attest other documents. The original or a certified copy or photo copy is bound together with the translation, before the clause and seal are added.

Why is professional translation important?

In this era of globalisation our knowledge doubles every 5 years, and in 10 years many professional fields undergo a complete renewal. It follows then that long-term business relationships built on strong foundations will gain in importance.

Professional translation can be needed, for example, when:

  • a lawyer assists a businessman in registering his firm abroad;
  • a sales director sells machinery abroad;
  • an engineer adapts his product to a foreign market;
  • a manufacturer opens a subsidiary in a foreign country.

Who prepares professional translations, and how? Is it worth the trouble?

Absolutely. Professional translation is a wise investment where cultures and languages meet, either at home or abroad.

In addition to relevant information on clients and techniques, translation requires special skills and knowledge. Differences between countries and markets are diverse, and can be linguistic, cultural, social as well as philosophical. The special linguistic skills required can only be provided by a professional translator who is equally familiar with the cultures of both the source and the target language.

We are truly proud that our team of translators is supported by legal, economic and financial experts who, apart from their thorough professional knowledge, possess extraordinary language skills and experience.

Key translation fields

Car industry: 100%
Tax consulting: 100%
Banking sector: 100%
Real estate: 100%
Hotel and tourism: 100%
Legal documents: 100%
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