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Editing / Proofreading

EDMF Language Services, Editing, ProofreadingWhy are editing and proofreading important?

The success and prestige of a deal can often depend on sophisticated wording. A thorough review and correction of a text is vital when concluding a contract for example, but also with websites, publications, articles, books and marketing materials.

Language professionals take the original style into account, the purpose and the special features of the source language. Afterwards they correct spelling and stylistic errors, and if necessary make the structure of the text clearer.

What is editing / proofreading?


This is where a professional reviews the translation from a content perspective, ensuring the preferred terminology has been used, the style guide has been followed, and the translation faithfully reflects the original text.


Proofreaders focus on stylistic issues, making sure the text is suitable for its target audience, and correct errors caused by typos that often appear in translations. Grammar falls within the remit of the proofreader as well. They can work either with or without the source text, depending on the instructions.

Editing and proofreading are the second and third steps in a TEP process (Translation-Editing-Proofreading), and mean reviewing a completed translation to detect and correct any errors. The job of these professionals is varied and involves different tasks.

Editing and proofreading are skills that not many are capable of doing. This is because the human mind automatically corrects errors it detects when reading, and this is exactly what these professionals must focus on, to ensure that all mistakes are corrected.

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Types of proofreading

Native-speaker proofreading

The proofreader corrects the text from a stylistic and linguistic perspective. Often the objective is to write a text that does not sound like a word-for-word translation. For example, slogans, marketing texts, literature, and texts spanning two different cultures.

Professional proofreading

This activity is generally carried out by professionals in the field, such as doctors, engineers, programmers, etc. Professional proofreaders are up-to-date in the given field, and are also qualified translators. Documentation, tenders, professional publications, information materials, user manuals, financial, legal, health-care and technical texts are all extremely important to check.

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