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Our Interpreting Services

EDMF’s interpreters are highly qualified, well-versed in the given cultures, and can rely on their exceptional grasp of interpreting techniques built up over years of hard study and professional experience.

Interpreting is a very complex task. Interpreters work with the spoken language, conveying the information smoothly and accurately. This professional expertise is particularly vital when the outcome of important business deals or highly complicated legal disputes could rest on the interpreter.

If written translation is not just a case of rendering texts word for word, this maxim applies even more to the art of interpreting.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Here the interpreter conveys, as quickly as possible, what the source language speaker is saying. This form of interpreting is used in situations where time is of the essence, and the speaker cannot/does not want to wait for the interpreter to communicate what has been said. What is important is that the thoughts and messages are relayed accurately to the listening audience, so that they can follow in the same way as native speakers can.

It is also possible to interpret in several languages at the same time, when several simultaneous interpreters (two per language) work synchronously.

Simultaneous interpreters work in a sound-proof booth and speak into a microphone, while the audience can follow what is being said through headphones.

If the interpreting is into several languages, listeners can choose their language by pressing a button. As simultaneous interpreting requires extreme concentration, two simultaneous interpreters work into one language in a single booth, switching every 20 minutes on average.

What is whispered interpreting?

The interpreter sits or stands next to a small group of people (no more than three) and whispers the interpretation simultaneously, without equipment.

This form of interpretation is generally used when only a few participants in the discussion or meeting speak a different language and cannot follow the discussion. This is probably the most demanding form of interpreting because it is simultaneous, but no sound-proof booth is available.

What is consecutive interpreting?

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter waits until the speaker has finished before starting to interpret into the target language. Here, the speaker normally divides the speech into sections and takes a pause after each section.

The interpreter listens and takes notes as the speaker progresses. When the speaker finishes or takes a pause, the interpreter renders the message in the target language, as if it was the original speech.

Consecutive interpreting allows the full meaning to be understood before the interpreter conveys the message into the target language, enabling a more accurate rendering than simultaneous interpreting.

What is liaison interpreting?

Liaison interpreting is often applied in meetings where the interpreter liaises between two people or groups of people. This generally takes on the form of small sections of speech or even sentence-by-sentence. The interpreter may take notes depending on the length of the interpreting required, but otherwise no equipment is used.

What is conference interpreting?

Conference interpreting comprises both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. The interpreter translates smoothly and accurately, whilst also conveying the style and tone of the speaker. Conference interpreters are well-versed in the cultures of both the source and the target language, know their specialist fields, and can concentrate for long periods. They also have a smooth speaking style and are easy to listen to.  

Our specialist fields of interpreting

Health-care interpreting, urgent cases too: 100%
Interpreting webinars: 100%
Interpreting multilingual conferences: 100%
Telephone/Skype interpreting: 100%
Interpreting for business meetings: 100%


Interpreting in 150 languages. Ask for a tailored quote for any of our services, with no obligation whatsoever. Our highly-skilled interpreters
are available in any European country, with equipment if required.

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EDMF Language Services, Consecutive Interpreting
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Use of simultaneous interpreters

International conferences
Web conferences
Video conferences
General meetings
Work meetings
Corporate training
Online meetings
Business negotiations
Charity events
Award ceremonies

Use of consecutive interpreters

Business negotiations
Visits by foreign delegations
Visits abroad by own delegations
Trade fairs
Sports events
Press conferences
Opening ceremonies
Factory visits
Corporate events

Use of whispered interpreting

Business negotiations
Corporate events
Factory visits
Visits of delegations
Press conferences
Opening ceremonies

Use of liaison interpreters

Conciliation meetings
Confidential business meetings
Factory tours
Factory visits
City tours
Site visits

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